What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is the leading business intelligence platform. It combines processing power with simplicity and versatility, making it highly usable for everything from the basics to complex reporting. Its popularity is, in part, due to its accessibility for non-IT users. It uses a functional language similar to Excel, making it easy for business analysts to learn. Power BI lets you pull information from a multitude of different data sources and construct powerful analytical reports that support your business decisions with reliable information when you need it.

Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop is a free and easy-to-use tool to connect to, transform, and visualize your data. It is commonly used for reporting and modeling. Moreover, Power BI Desktop uses Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), a declarative language very similar to that used for Excel formulas. DAX is a collection of functions, operators, and values that can be used for building complex formulas and expressions in Power BI data models. Learn how to use DAX in Power BI Desktop.

Power BI Collaboration in Teams

Power BI offers a convenient solution for team collaboration. As a cloud-hosted solution, it offers greater accessibility and flexibility for sharing without the need for complex infrastructure. You can also use Power BI for collaborating in Microsoft Teams, by embedding interactive reports in its channels and chats, and sharing them with external users.

Power BI for Business

Your business analysts probably manage tons of data from diverse sources and need to visualize them differently by using diverse criteria. Each data's attribute is called a dimension (time, clients, products). Calculating these different criteria everytime you want to view a specific set of dimensions can dramatically slow down your analytical process. This is when Power BI comes in handy. It lets your business generate a specific database that includes pre-calculated criteria, so you can quickly check your information at any time.

Power BI assures your data’s quality and its continuous up to date status, as well as the centralization of your dimensions' criteria, allowing you to have an exclusive view of your business information. Getting a centralized model is extremely useful for large-sized businesses, on account that every area calculates their own indicators differently. A centralized model lets your business unify the criteria that is used to manage your most important indicators.

Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services

At Tero, we have a team of consultants who specialize in implementing Microsoft Power BI for businesses. As Power BI Consultants, our mission is to set our clients up for success by providing accessible, scalable reporting solutions that help them better understand, visualize, and manipulate their data.

We have been working with Power BI since its first version in 2015, and have extensive experience implementing solutions for dozens of organizations across awide variety of industries.

Our team of certified engineers and analysts specialize in a range of Business Intelligence projects to help your business define your architecture, environments' configuration, infrastructure and governance support.

We pull data from a variety of sources and systems, such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and RemedyForce; we can also offer to access your business' Legacy Systems.

Our services cover the three principle Power BI's layers:

  • Back-End: Analysis, modeling, and construction of corporate data warehouses in Ms SQL Server, with its respective integration to a range of data sources (ETLS, using SQL Service Integration Services, or Pentaho Kettle).
  • Middle Layer: Construction of a semantic data model. Depending on the volume and complexity, it can be implemented by Power BI, or by SQL Server Analysis Services for larger business' solutions.
  • Front-End: Creation of reports and dashboards for optimized data analysis.

Power BI Training

Interested in learning how to use Power BI for your business? Microsoft provides free training through Microsoft Learn that breaks down the material into accessible modules and learning paths so that you can learn at your own pace.

Dashboard in a Day

We know from experience that personalized, hands-on training is the fastest way to gain the proficiency you need to implement the best solutions for your team. That's why we offer a specialized Microsoft Power BI training, Dashboard in a Day (DIAD),a widely popular introduction workshop to Power BI, designed by Microsoft for business users. This workshop covers everything you need to know to understand Power BI's principal features and functionality. In Dashboard in a Day, our team will create a dashboard with up-to-date examples in real time so that your analysts can see Power Bi’s functionalities in practice.

Training with Tero

For over 5 years, our team of Power BI consultants have been offering Power BI training services to business analysts and potential clients from a wide variety of industries. Train your business analysts to optimize your Power BI and construct reports with your own business' analytics to get a dashboard tailored to your needs!

Tero’s experienced Bi specialists offer live DIAD-training sessions that your team can opt to take in-person or remotely. Our unique curriculum is based on Microsoft’s Dashboard in a Day training series and condenses the most important theoretical concepts and practical applications of Power BI for business. Attendees will complete the workshop with a strong understanding of how to not only create reports and manage data, but also create a functional report specific to their business needs.

If you want to learn more about our Power BI training workshop, get in touch!