Low-Code Custom Development.

With the expanding need for low-code applications, organizations increasingly require tools that can handle complex business processes while adjusting to a citizen development culture. Do you need help keeping up?

At Tero by Nearsure we embrace this challenge, since we know that innovation sparks growth. As Microsoft and Salesforce low-code specialists, we help you implement a healthy and organized low-code practice, tailored to your project requirements.

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Signs That You Need Our Help With Low-Code Development.

Stagnation in the creation of tools.

The limited citizen development culture of your company hampers innovation and efficiency. Given the pressing need to create a multitude of applications at an accelerated pace to support urgent initiatives, it is imperative to embrace a low-code strategy. This approach enables faster development compared to traditional code architecture, facilitating timely and effective delivery of required tools.

Fragmented tooling and system management.

With the absence of a standardized technology stack, each area of your company uses separate tools and platforms, which solve their immediate needs but do not conform to the framework of governance and security, controlled by your IT department.

Insufficient Power Platform/Salesforce Platform expertise.

Your technical team lacks certified experts in Power Platform/Salesforce Platform who possess firsthand knowledge of best practices and potential pitfalls.

Inadequate business involvement in software delivery.

Your current IT strategy overlooks the crucial involvement of business users from the project's outset. This oversight limits the potential for powerful impacts on business productivity, which can be effectively harnessed through the correct use of low-code development.

We can assist you with these issues and much more!
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Our Low-Code Development Services

At Tero by Nearsure, we provide a variety of low-code development services that fit your needs and your company's particular IT stack.

Ideation & Implementation of Your Low-Code Journey

We help you create a comprehensive low-code plan that offers a holistic approach to addressing your unique situation. It comprises a series of workshops designed for ideation and strategy creation, involving both developers and business users from your company from the beginning. The plan culminates in the implementation phase, where we provide collaboration and extension of your team with Tero by Nearsure’s low-code expert developers.

Introductoy Workshop:
Breaking Down the Top 8 FAQs

Join us for a 2-hour introductory workshop on low code, where we will be going over the 8 most asked questions by CIOs about this technology and the solutions available. This workshop will provide an exploration of the key aspects of low code, including its benefits, licensing options, business case considerations, ease of use, and the extensive range of applications it supports. During the workshop, we will conduct a live demonstration, where you will witness the rapid creation of a solution using low code.

Ideation and Roadmap-Envisioning Workshop

In just 10 hours, our workshop helps your team develop a robust low-code strategy. We analyze your business challenges and identify opportunities for low-code solutions, culminating in a roadmap for implementation.

First Hands-On POC Development

Let our experts handle the budgeting, design, development, and rollout of your initial solution, based on the Envisioning workshop outcome. This hands-on experience provides your citizen developers with invaluable insights into the solution-building process.

Center of Excellence Deployment

Tero takes charge of implementing the Low-Code Center of Excellence within your organization. We guide you in configuring governance policies and ensuring compliance, setting the stage for a successful low-code initiative.

Fusion Teams

Tero integrates seamlessly into your Low-Code Fusion teams, offering additional development expertise whenever required. Our dedicated professionals augment your capabilities, ensuring exceptional solutions.

Citizen Developers Training

Tero will provide hands-on training to your citizen developers through "bring your own" workshops and internal hackathons, guiding them to create their own apps, processes, and bots.

Microsoft 365 Capabilities Extension

If you're currently subscribed to Microsoft 365, you're already equipped with the tools to kickstart your application development, automate processes, and leverage virtual agents. With the ability to embed apps, automations, and dashboards directly within Teams, your daily workflows become streamlined, eliminating the hassle of switching between multiple platforms. Discovering, utilizing, and sharing these powerful tools becomes effortless, all while maintaining data security through integrated Microsoft 365 controls, providing peace of mind for IT decision-makers.

At Tero by Nearsure, we're here to assist you in creating your very first solutions, utilizing the resources you already have within your Microsoft 365 subscription. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, ensuring you unlock the true value of your Microsoft 365 investment.

Dynamics 365/Salesforce CRM Capabilities Enhancement

Low-code technology is exceptional for accelerating the development of business processes and enhancing their efficiency. Many organizations have successfully integrated Power Platform or Salesforce Platform with their CRM environment, leveraging its capabilities for streamlined business process automation.

Here are some common scenarios where Power Platform and Salesforce Platform excel:

Extendor simplify scenarios

  • Quickly create web and mobile frontends to enhance user experiences.
  • Simplify interfaces and user inputs for improved usability.
  • Integrate additional features such as image capture or barcode reading.

Connect LOB scenarios & processes

  • Seamlessly integrate and streamline processes with existing applications.
  • Enable real-time inventory checks for sellers within a sales solution.
  • Empower service representatives to efficiently execute new sales from a service solution.
  • Automate any paper or Excel-based process, feeding data into any LOB system.

Modernize or create new solutions

  • Develop custom internal or external business processes tailored to specific requirements.
  • Create a customized forecasting experience for sellers, leveraging sales data effectively.

Configurable App Development

We take care of building configurable components for your low-code apps that can be easily improved and scaled, empowering you to make enhancements without worrying about coding efforts.

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