Product Development for ISVs.

We aim to develop long-term relationships and help you stay focused on your business plans by delegating all, or part of the development, to our team.

Our Service.

We can either offer a complete Product Development team or complement your own with our highly experienced engineers and consultants.

Here's what we offer:

Multidisciplinary teams for product development

Experience in product development life cycle management

Experience in Appsource and Appexchange certification paths

Product backlog management

Agile methodologies

DevOps lifecycle for ISV Products

Development of PCF controls (React)

Typescript knowledge

Migrations from and to Dynamics and Salesforce

Why Tero by Nearsure.

Tero by Nearsure has a vast experience in developing and providing evolving support for products and add-ons, both for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce platforms.

If you opt for an ISV created by Tero by Nearsure, you will have guaranteed the continuity, customization and support that all software product should have, assuring its reliability, stability, and upgradability.

Years of detecting business' patterns let us build our own customized tools that we can now use for building similar circuits, in a simple and economical way.

Our Experience.

Besides having several customers that count on us to develop or support their products, we also developed our own ISV solutions:

Hurrah! Leaderboards

Hurrah! is a standalone solution fully-integrated with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 that shows your teams' real-time KPIs built from your CRM. It can be broadcasted on the TVs across your office and on mobile devices. Showcase your employees' daily activities and performance in an fun way, and increase CRM user adoption.

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Motivation Engine

We built a gamification add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365. It has a rule engine to reward user performance within your CRM with points, level progress and badges. It also offers the option to activate Missions and Achievements, letting the customer model different games.

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Dynamics 365

Organize and automate your customer-centric processes to increase productivity and add value to your leads and clients.

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Power Apps

We help build custom low-code apps for your specific business' needs by connecting to your key data sources.

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Our experts help you optimize your Salesforce implementation to create engaging experiences for your customers and employees.

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Power BI

Discover powerful insights easily with a Power BI implementation that supports your goals. Build automatic reports connected to your data sources and share them in with anyone.

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Power Automate

Automate your time-consuming business processes and workflows. Connect your favorite apps and services to synchronize all your data.

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Marketing Automation

Maximize your ROI with the best Marketing technologies. Captivate your audience with personalized experiences across all touchpoints.

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