Staff Augmentation Services.

A high-quality solution for expanding your in-house teams with certified and experienced developers and consultants.

Scale your implementation processes:

Signs that you need our services.

New projects, new needs

A new project arises and you don’t have enough resources or the appropriate expertise on your team required to complete it.

Low user adoption

Lack of Technical staff

Your team has PMs/BAs, but you lack experienced technical collaborators.

Low Return of investment

Complex recruitment processes

Long recruitment processes are unsustainable given that projects with open positions require immediate attention.

Our Solution.

As one of Latin America's top CRM partners, we guarantee first-class solutions within compatible time zones, offering cost-effective rates.  

At Tero by Nearsure, we are committed to long-term relationships, and we know that our customers want to evolve. With an attrition rate of less than 7%, we ensure consistency and progress in your projects.

Thanks to the different profiles and technical capabilities of our team, we offer a comprehensive approach to the challenges you might encounter. You can be certain that the professional who joins your project will always be supported by our entire team, preventing any technical stagnation.

Our Experts.

Functional consultants
Solution Architect
Technical Architect
Business Analyst


Years of experience




Attrition rate


Projects for US clients

Multi-profile team

US compatible time-zone

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Do you need a team?

Are you working on a big project and searching for top technology talent to join? We’ve got you covered!

We can provide our services whether you need to assign multiple technical profiles to the same project or whether you are looking to dedicate yourself 100% to project management and delegate your technical tasks. In addition, we can offer you a team of developers and consultants led by our own internal team lead.

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