CRM Rescue Team.

We recover your CRM. For many years we have been developing our own process and toolkit for turning around CRM projects that have lost momentum.


Signs Your CRM Needs a Rescue

Poor internal reputation

CRM has poor internal reputation, and is viewed as ineffective

Low user adoption

Low user adoption

Low Return of investment

Managers are unhappy with ROI

Bad support

Disappointment with the current level of support


How we do it

Our team is equipped with an effective toolkit and rescue plan to quickly assess and save your CRM project.

Early Wins

From the start we assess your key priorities and implement immediate actions focused on resolving outstanding issues for quick improvement.

General Diagnosis

Our team takes an in-depth diagnostic of the current real CRM usage, licensing, and status of implementation.

Stake-holder Evangelization

We hold periodic sessions with management and key stake-holders on ways in which you can optimize your organization’s CRM platform.

Building Better

We work with you to understand your long-term business goals and identify how to optimize your system. From basic customizations, to advanced process automation and integration, our team helps you create and execute a prioritized backlog and release plan to enhance the value of your CRM.

Increase User Adoption

We provide ongoing support, training, and consulting services to increase your team's skills so that you can effectively implement changes and improve CRM user experience to boost user adoption and maximize impact.

Activate Managed Services

With managed services for Dynamics 365, our team can address immediate needs on-demand and help you make continual improvements to your CRM.


Implementation General Diagnosis Report

Methodology for analyzing the actual implementation status, and to identify opportunities for improvement.


  • End-user Package Training workshop designed to teach Dynamics 365 for Sales and for Customer Service functionalities.
  • High-management Envisioning workshop designed to demonstrate the Platform’s potential, present its different modules, roadmap, and similar case studies.

Hurrah! Leaderboards

Hurrah! is a gamification software designed to engage your team in daily activities and measure adoption metrics for your CRM.

Inception Workshops

Workshops to align the expectations of primary stakeholders regarding CRM projects success criteria and achieve a consensus about the first MVP.


  • Power BI dashboard to monitor the use of your CRM.
  • Power BI dashboard to monitor the licensing of your CRM.
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