Powered by Nearsure

We're thrilled to share an exciting update that will redefine the way we serve you. It's with great pleasure that we announce our transition to becoming Tero by Nearsure.

In this dynamic era of technology, comprehensiveness is key, and we’re embracing this enhancement with open arms. This isn't just a shift for us, it's an evolution into something bigger and even more impactful!

We are carrying out this strategic move because we are committed to providing unparalleled value at every stage of your company's digital transformation. Being powered by Nearsure and its robust offerings, we can support our clientele with end-to-end services. In fact, under Nearsure's umbrella, we’ve achieved our purpose of becoming your comprehensive technological partner.

Tero by Nearsure: Welcoming New Possibilities

While we retain Tero’s essence and expertise in CRM and low-code solutions, we have become part of a grander vision. Nearsure's capabilities in managing over 160 technologies and platforms allow us to enrich our value and broaden our original scope. Nearsure provides solutions spanning cloud operations, software development, and expertise in Adobe’s Experience Cloud platforms, among others.

This evolution marks our dedication to delivering completete chnological solutions tailored to your needs. We are more empowered than ever to approach the challenges of the digital landscape. Nearsure's journey, marked by collaborations with industry giants like ParkMobile and Crunchyroll, has widened our horizons so that we can cater to diverse industries, aligning with the unique needs of each of our valued clients.

This transition in our brand also underscores our commitment to a people-centered approach. As highlighted by Giuliana Corbo, Nearsure's CEO, "We continue to focus on upholding a humanistic culture that secures our talent’s well-being." And this philosophy perfectly aligns with our values at Tero, emphasizing our dedication to our team members.

Powered by Nearsure, we are at the forefront of industry innovation, leveraging our expertise to redefine the possibilities of technology. To our esteemed partners, cherished clients, dedicated team members, and invaluable collaborators, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for being an integral part of our story —a story that is evolving into new and exciting chapters!