CRM Implementation Services.

At Tero we help our clients in the digitization, standardization and optimization of all their customer-centric processes; not only those strictly related to commercial relationships.

What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy that revolves around how a company positions itself in relationship with clients and leads. Traditionally, the concept of CRM involves the relationship within processes of pre-sales, sales, and post-sales.

CRM technology has evolved to produce powerful platforms for the complete digitization of customer relationship processes and information. At Tero we work with top technologies to bring our clients the best of what CRM has to offer.

Implementing your digital selling strategy.

We have more than 10 years of experience implementing top CRM technology that gather all you need to successfully integrate your sales strategy for making your revenue grow. CRM platforms let you standardize your strategies involving up-selling and cross-selling, as well as customer retention, recovery, loyalty and engagement.

Our team is experienced in:

Implementing marketing processes

Marketing campaigns and flows, Customer 360-degree view, lead and opportunity management.

CRM integrations

Integrations with call center systems, databases, ERPs, core banking, and enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle, Bantotal, Genesys and Avaya.

CRM extension coding

.NET, C#, JavaScript, React, Angular, Azure.

Complementary technologies

Microsoft Teams, Slack, SharePoint, Outlook, SQLServer, Chatbots and Azure AI.

Helping adopt your always-on customer service

Our CRM implementation and consulting services will help you effectively engage customers accross all touch points of the customer journey.

Our team is experienced in:

Implementing diverse customer service processes

Case management with a wide variety of topics

Creating auto-service client portals

Modeling rules of escalation, routing and prioritization of cases

Implementation of omni-channel modules and always-on customer service

Contract and entitlement management

Implementing SLA service levels internally, interdepartamentally and with customers

Integrating CRMs with call center systems, whatsapp, SMS plaforms (Twilio), Facebook messenger, among others

Voice of the customers/surveys

Diagramming knowledge bases

Digitalizing your agile business processes

Customer on-boarding and off-boarding processes

Customer recovery and retention


Recovery of nonperforming loans

Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer processes

Why work with us?

Tero offers technology and practical improvements to all areas of your business, helping you professionalize everything related to your customers.

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+10 years  implementing CRM customer-centric processes, +8 years using agile methodologies based on Scrum.

Salesforce Certified

Certified Partners.

We partner with Microsoft, Salesforce, Kingswaysoft, Clickdimensions, dotDigital, among others.

Proficient English.

We have a bilingual, multi-disciplinary team of officially certified developers, functionals, BAs and Scrum Master at a convenient time-zone.

Agile methodology

We know what we do.

We have the tools and methodology needed to overcome overcome any obstacle: Check our Rescue Team services.

Online experience.

Experience in online and on-premise environments.

Industry experience.

Deep knowledge in specific indutries such as Financial Services, B2B Services and Health Care.

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CRM Implementation

With +10 years of experience in helping implement and integrate CRM top platforms, we help businesses of all kinds achieve their customer-centric goals.

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CRM Rescue Team

Has your CRM implementation gone awry? We specialize in helping CRM projects that have lost momentum regain internal support and achieve real business impact.

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Staff Augmentation

Our bilingual, multidisciplinary team is based in Uruguay. We offer staff augmentation services in compatible time-zones at competitive rates and the possibility to quickly scale teams.

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Product Development for ISVs

We offer a complete Product Development team or a complement to your own with highly experienced engineers and consultants.

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Customer-Centric Processes

Create a project backlog focused on customer-centric processes to encompass processes in your organization using Salesforce and Dynamics 365.

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CRM Admin

We offer a CRM expert to optimize your license, keep it updated, manage data, build reports, dashboards, processes and workflows, train your team, and set up security and user access.

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