Customer Centric Processes.

We help you go from CRM to so much more with design and development services for customer-centric processes.

Our Service

Most clients begin digitization by implementing traditional CRM sales and service processes, but for us, this is only the beginning.

Companies can see the best return on their investment in CRM technology by implementing them as holistic customer-centric business process platforms.

Our team of experts helps companies model all kinds of transactions and operations that are related with their client information and experience.

We help with your customer-centric process modeling

New client on-boarding or off-boarding

The beginning and end of a customer experience cycle are key to good relationships and typically trigger a series of coordinated activities for various departments.

Customer retention

Especially in SaaS or subscription-based businesses, it's necessary to standardize specific retention protocols.

Customer recovery

Automate processes aimed at recovering lost customer relationships.

Customer loyalty

Synchronize and gain visibility of outcomes for processes aimed at increasing customer loyalty.

Debt recovery

For financial enterprises, these processes tend to be highly complex and require standardization.

Credit approval

For financial enterprises, this is one of the most important and quickly-evolving business process. CRM platforms provide for its standardization, monitoring and control.

Account activation

Centralize the activity work-flow initiated by the activation of a customer new account.

Anti-money laundering and know your customer

Standardize processes for maintaining customer data up-to-date and assuring compliance with regulatory norms and internal policies.

Your Technological Partner

As a technological partner specializing in CRM implementation, we have extensive experience modeling customer-centric processes in Salesforce and Dynamics 365. We start by helping clients identify how to leverage these platforms to optimize and automate key business processes. Then we accompany them throughout the process of implementation, change management, and ongoing support and customization.

Want to learn more about how to leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce for your customer-centric business processes? Contacts Us! We'll get you started with a free consultation.

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