Community-based NGO

A non-profit organization that provides educational programs, resources, and grants to religious organizations so that they can expand their reach and maximize their community impact.


The Challenge.

Prior to working with Tero by Nearsure, this company’s Salesforce implementation required optimization. While they had the right tool, they were not using it to its full capacity, leading to poor customer service and accounts management.

With Tero by Nearsure’s technical assistance, the organization successfully integrated Salesforce with their ecommerce platform. Now, they can efficiently manage their in-stock products and track donations. Additionally, Tero by Nearsure helped with the design of an automated notification system to track payments.

As the organization keeps evolving, improvements and modifications are always needed. This demands designs and implementation to favor extension and configurability, without needing to make changes and deployments in their code base.

The Solution.

After taking all their needs into consideration, our team created a range of personalized solutions to help them improve their customer service and manage their accounts.

First, we developed an in-Salesforce app to model existing grant cases. This customized app tracks donations and produces monthly reports to keep donors informed on who receives their donations. In addition to this application, our team built a custom grant workflow that provides both notifications and status alerts to help recipients process grants.

To manage registrations for trips to different countries, they use a cloud-based form builder that integrates with Salesforce. To enrich the input process with Salesforce data, custom endpoints were built to retrieve data and make calculations. After submitting a purchase, Tero by Nearsure helped improve different automations to send communications, arrange different groups, and apply coupon codes, among other features. Additionally, some data points needed to be exposed to external custom portals for their partners and providers. For that, Tero by Nearsure built an extensible framework for handling REST API requests, by using Custom Metadata Types for configuring routes.

To support purchases from mobile applications, they required integrations between Google and Apple payment services and Salesforce. Their Org stores all the transactions to allow their customers to see their billing status and details. Tero by Nearsure designed and implemented the Salesforce architecture to support high volume transactions from both providers. A State Machine algorithm was built to handle the unpredictability of the external services’ notifications in order to activate the subscriptions after purchase. Platform Events were used to bulkify the stream of data from different transactions. With the power of Flows, it was easy to develop and communicate the complex logic along with the multiple steps needed to process activation requests.


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