BIC is an international company whose products can be found across the globe. Known for their pens, lighters, and razors, BIC provides the highest quality essential everyday products and is the #1 brand for quality and affordability.

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The Challenge.

BIC´s Group IT Services team needed to provide a more efficient and optimized service within the company. The Group IT Services team at BIC is responsible for assisting the company’s Centers of Excellence (COEs) with IT operational dashboards and reports that help them better monitor their service performance, optimize, and improve their respective service delivery to the business.

Our team at Tero by Nearsure worked directly with BIC’s Group IT Services team to go beyond the local and regional data and provide solutions that could centralize KPIs through updated dashboards and global reports, overseeing the information needed by COEs such as:

  • SLA - Service Level Agreement
  • Tickets response and resolution time
  • Tickets backlog and aging
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Demand status
  • Company assets

The Solution.

Tero by Nearsure's team focused on centralizing data and increasing the amount of information available, from a macro level referring to management issues, as well as from a micro-level of operational nature. The project included creating advanced and user-friendly reports in Power BI to retrieve information from various sources of origin, including Remedyforce, ServiceNow, Inventory Management (Snow Inventory), Active Directory and Excel.

Ter by Nearsureo also helped the Group IT Services team to consolidate information on users and company assets which were key to having an efficient and standardized process in place for their IT daily operations. The solution consisted of building Power BI dashboards to enable data combination between three different systems that contained helpful information but were working independently up to the moment. Combining data from Active Directory, Office365, and Snow Inventory in the right way, brought more visibility around how to polish their work. As a result, they:

  • Reduced ticket aging
  • Gained better control of Microsoft licensing and compliance
  • Improved the projection of computer demand by country/region and the forecast stock

Our work together allowed BIC Group IT Services team to gain insight into its operations' day-to-day status, and significantly and positively impact the processes and performance of the company’s Centers of Excellence.


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Power BI
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